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Blue MDMA crystals

  • How does MDMA affect our brain and body?

    MDMA increases the activity of three naturally occurring chemicals found within our brains:
    1. Dopamine. It produces increased energy/activity and acts as the reward system to reinforce behaviours that are found to be pleasurable.
    2. Norepinephrine. It increases heart rate and blood pressure, which should be taken into serious consideration for people with heart and blood vessel problems and are currently taking medication to treat these health concerns
    3 Serotonin. The behavioural and neuropsychological processes regulated by serotonin include mood, perception, reward, anger, aggression, appetite, memory, sexuality,trust and attention, among others. Indeed, it is difficult to find a human behaviour that is not regulated by serotonin. When consuming MDMA it floods the brain with large amounts of serotonin which correlates to the emotional closeness, elevated mood,empathy and trust felt within your experience.

    Due to all these processes brought on by the effects of MDMA it is in late stage studies for treatments for depression, various forms of PTSD and other health conditions.

    How to consume MDMA

    MDMA can be consumed in multiple ways however orally is more of an enjoyable experience. The powder can be added to a drink, or put into an empty capsule and swallowed. Another method is snorted nasally, however this route is less enjoyable and will leave a burning sensation in your nostrils.

    Safety precautions

    Before partaking in any substance it is always important to know what you are taking. MDMA can often be cut with additives to alter the high produced. This can lead to various adverse health effects depending on the cut and the dosage. At Shopketamineonline we have all of our MDMA tested to ensure its purity. Rest assured that all MDMA is only of the purest quality to ensure your health and safety. Testing is done at Please do your own research based on your own health conditions to understand if a substance will be safe for you.

    Lastly, combining MDMA with other substances, such as caffeine, amphetamines, mephedrone, marijuana, or alcohol, may increase the risk of adverse health effects associated with MDMA.

    Also SSRI prescription medications used in the treatment of depression can interfere with the effects of MDMA and could lead to an undesirable experience, it is not recommended to consume MDMA if taking these medications.

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